Understanding Business Valuations & Value Drivers: How to Double the Value of Your Company

Life After Business Podcast w/ Ryan Tansom

Ken Sanginario is the founder of Corporate Value Metrics and creator of the Value Opportunity Profile. He is also an educator who teaches business owners about the importance of intrinsic value. He has a myriad of certifications and credentials that make him the ideal guest for this subject.If you are a business owner or looking purchase a business todays episode is chalked full of information about the Value Opportunity Profile and Company Specific Risk. This standard system will help business owners create a business that stands up to due diligence and draws in the ideal buyer.We also discuss the disturbing trend that is surfacing in the market. Many baby boomers are getting ready to go to market, and there arent enough buyers to help them all. Because of this issue, only 6-7% of baby boomer sellers get a favorable outcome from their sell.Ken is quick to explain how his assessment system is important to the baby boomer issue. He also explains how the assessing process came about and how it has reached an international audience. What you will learn: Kens time as a business consultant.His experience as a CPA, CFO, and his multiple credentials. How Ken designed the Value Opportunity Profile.Why Ken felt the need to create a standardized process.The Company Specific Risk metric and what it means. The 3 traditional approaches of value assessment. Why the market approach is a shaky approach and multiples are meaningless.Why the income approach is considered the one true method.The pros and cons of value assessment approaches.The 3 parts of the discounted cash flow method. The 8 primary categories to create maximum value.The 50 subcategories that are based off the prime 8. How Kens system is connected to due diligence.The 2 components of cost of capital.What is intrinsic value? The difference between a financial and a strategic buyer.The baby boomer issue and how younger business owners can help.Run your company at the highest quality at all times.

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