Predicting the Future Value of Your Company

Intentional Growth w/ Ryan Tansom

Today on the Life After Business podcast, we’re going to be talking to Ken Sanginario. Ken is the founder of the Corporate Value Metrics and the creator of the Value Opportunity Profile and the Certified Value Growth Advisor. He’s got a lot of experience and he has developed a system that shows business-owners how to develop and implement a strategic plan. He’s going to give us some background on the work he’s done and some tips on how to fund your growth through your process. Sit back and relax; you won’t want to miss this episode!

Things You'll Learn: Some of the milestones that got Ken to where he is today. The first thing Ken would do when getting into a turnaround in order to keep the company running. The importance of having a cash flow statement. The main things Ken looks at to determine the value of a particular company, as well as how its value would relate to transferability. How Ken would advise a business-owner who is in the middle of a crisis. Some of the categories that Ken keeps in mind when figuring out a business’s valuation. Some specific challenges that Ken has helped companies overcome. Why it’s so hard for consultants to get business-owners to change. Why having a process you can measure is essential.  Takeaways:

Takeaways: Value is your cash flow and your future sustainability. Anything you’re doing today should make your business more sustainable, more transferable, and more predictable. That’s how you build value. It’s vital to have a plan that’s measurable. With today’s technology, it’s not necessary or acceptable to fly by the seat of your pants without a measurable plan. Every private company is underperforming to some degree. Have an open mind to determine what you can do to increase your private company’s value.

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