Ryan Gardner

Gardner Firm PLLC

Member and Manager

I am Ryan Gardner with Gardner Firm PLLC and we capitalize on my credentials, which include: BBA in Accounting and CPA, Masters in Tax, JD and Attorney at Law, LLM in Tax, CEPA, 5 years in public accounting performing audits and tax returns, 3 years in banking as a loan officer, compliance officer and member of loan committee, 10 years of the largest law firms in the world as a tax attorney; and 11 years working in my own firm as a tax, corporate and M&A attorney: to: (1) structure and/or restructure business organizations from formation, or during the life of the business, for tax efficiencies and contingent events during the life of the business operations, as well as, for the eventual sale of the business; (2) look at exit options for business owners and determine weaknesses and/or issues thereto, and consider different growth opportunities prior to the transition as well as closing table issues; thereafter start addressing the growth opportunities and closing table issues years in advance pursuant to document and business review, revision and clean up thereto; and (3) help business owners acquire new businesses and/or sell their existing businesses, pursuant to LOIs through the closing table documents.

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