Kerri Salls

Value Growth Results


Kerri is an entrepreneur, consultant, advisor and creator of the 3X Value Growth program. Private companies use this model to systematically reduce corporate risk and maximize enterprise value. Owners hire me when they need to multiply bottom-line business value and be more attractive to bankers, buyers, investors or acquirers. Lower middle market clients realize a 200-500% value increase by proactively professionalizing their business in the 3-5 years before seeking a transaction. Stakeholders expect owners and CEOs to: -- Optimize operations -- Demonstrate performance excellence -- Systematize for sustainability and scalability and -- Multiply long-term value Owners don't always have the time, resources or expertise to create pre-sale value on their own. Applying the 3X Value Growth program, owners institutionalize changes that streamline performance producing tangible results which accelerate business value. I'm the best-selling author of Multiply Your Business Value in 3 Steps; The Value Growth Manifesto, and HARVEST Your Wealth, and I've written extensively on value growth. In addition, I host the 3X Value Growth podcast and co-host the Attracting Private Equity podcast.

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