George Raftopoulos

ROI Cubed


After having spent 24 years building a business from the ground up, having to hire and fire employees, sweating it out to make payroll at times, dealing with generating new customers, keeping up with changing technology and trends, we eventually found the right formula to succeed and turn what originally was a college internship into a successful, thriving and valuable enterprise. In December of 2009 and at age 44, I decided to follow the American dream, find a buyer and sell what we had built. My passion for building successful businesses and experiences going through my own acquisitions and then eventual sale of the business led to forming ROI Cubed, LLC in 2012. At ROI Cubed, we practice a unique and disciplined process of initially working with business owners to maximize their enterprise value which is not only geared to maximizing profits, but also preparing the owner and business for an eventual transition. Given our background and experiences, we help guide the business owner to formulate the most strategic exit option that benefits them as owner while balancing the overall needs of their family and estate as well as the ongoing concern of the business and employees. Our belief is that any M&A we're engaged in is not just a transaction; it's a process that takes time and must consider many factors beyond just obtaining the proverbial best possible price. Along with the privilege of working with business owners, I have the honor and pleasure guiding and teaching financial planning to young minds at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at Bentley University in Waltham, MA as an adjunct lecturer. In addition, diversity and inclusion are important social issues and am on the Bentley University Provost-initiated diversity and inclusion task force as well as the Board of Director's-appointed FPA (Financial Planning Association) Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

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