Charles West

Endurance Financial


Charles West began his career in the tough market environment of 2001, gaining hands-on experience in helping people weather the ups and downs of financial turmoil. Based in North Carolina, Charles has an extensive background in financial services, with a specific expertise in working with businesses with annual revenue up to $100 million. His focus is on building Virtual Family Office teams for high net worth families and the businesses they develop. Many members of his team are nationally recognized experts from multiple disciplines. They are tasked with delivering more value to wealthy families by being more proactive, comprehensive, and integrative in a multi-disciplinary approach. In the end, he believes strongly that the best in the world are only proven by their ability to solve real-world problems Charles is also widely known for his hobby of running 100 mile ultra-marathon foot races through some of the most beautiful mountains of North America. He has now retired from running and continued that passion for the outdoors into hiking. He also finds time for his passion for private aviation and is in the process of earning his Private Pilot Certificate. Naturally, all of this requires a particular skillset in taking naps.

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