Boris Blum



As a CEO and Business Leader I have personally experienced the challenges CEO's face especially in uncertain times. Being at the top is often a lonely place where hard decisions are required daily. As a CEO's consigliere, I have had the privilege of firsthand experience in helping CEO's make difficult decisions and understand how invaluable executive coaching, advisory boards and peer groups can be. When the global pandemic hit the US, I knew that the business landscape would be impacted for years and in ways none of us could imagine. I founded MY CEO to help organizations recover and reinvent their businesses in light of the impacts Covid has brought upon them. As a Crisis and Turnaround Consulting firm at heart, our team is well equipped to empower CEO's in rebuilding a solid foundation so they can transform their organization and thrive again. As a lifelong student of human development, I have been fascinated by what drives optimal human performance with a focus on business execution. I have become an authority on how to get the most out of team collaboration in addition to helping individuals to become their best self and show up consistent as a high performer. It comes down to communication and coordination of action; so I have developed my own framework for implementing this is any organization. Helping self-motivated and growth-minded CEOs and business owners make a positive, qualitative difference in their life is my passion. There is no monopoly on good ideas collaborating gives you the ability to make better decisions with confidence. I believe in keeping leaders accountable and reminding them that it all starts with WHY. A clear purpose and passion for what you do allows you to focus on the journey, not just results. Consistent progress, not perfection, is necessary to maximize profits. As a lifelong learner, I believe life is one big lesson and I constantly strive to surround myself with those who challenge me to be the best version of myself possible. If you are a driven, results oriented individual who shares my perspective, I welcome an opportunity to connect with you to learn more about your passion and purpose!

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