What's Inside?

The VOP offers industry specific editions, different levels for different sized companies, and the most robust functionality available in any system.  

Overall Quality Profile Business Value Report

Overall Quality Profile

Analyze the 8 primary functional areas that drive intrinsic value - Planning, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, People, Operations, Finance, and Legal.

Based on the answers to the questionnaire, see a visual graph of how well-developed each category is compared to a best-in-class company.

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Business Risk Profile Report

Risk Profile

Derive intrinsic value by measuring company specific risk.

This profile assesses the sustainability, predictability and transferability of future cash flows. Learn how the company might be viewed by a potential lender, investor, or buyer, from a risk standpoint.

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Existing Business Value Report

Existing Business Value

Multiples are a poor estimate of true value. Tap into 30+ years of M&A data, advanced algorithms, and company financials to develop a baseline valuation.

Measure a company’s inherent value based on its historical and projected future cash flows. Less regard to so called “comparable company” values or transactions. Intrinsic value is believed by many to be the best measure of a company’s value.

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Roadmap To Value Business Report

Roadmap to Value

Knowing the value isn't enough. Layout an action plan to increase intrinsic value and show objective ROI for each initiative, motivating the business owner to take action.

The Roadmap addresses each subcategory separately and specifies what should be addressed in order to reach full effectiveness.

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Opportunity Profile Business Report On Ipad

Opportunity Profile

This profile lays out three levels of initiatives, showing the value creation during your engagement.

Each level shows the estimated incremental value that the company could generate if successfully implemented. The result is a balanced organization properly positioned to support long-term, sustainable, and profitable growth.

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Opportunity Profile Business Report On Ipad

Accelerator, Growth, & Essential Tiers

The VOP supports a range of companies and industries.

The original VOP, now called VOP-Accelerator remains most appropriate for larger companies ($15M - $300M). The VOP-Growth includes about half the questions and takes half the time to facilitate - most suitable for companies with revenues between $5M and $15M. And the Essential tier is best paired with companies under $5M in annual revenue.

Mix and match tiers and industries to fit your client portfolio. All three tiers exist within the same platform, making upgrades easy.  Work with more clients by moving to the implementation phase faster.

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Opportunity Profile Business Report On Ipad

What's the Difference?

Other products try to compensate for their shortcomings with wild claims, and lots of marketing, but very little substance. Only the VOP can provide the comprehensive insights you need to truly create value for your clients.

Flexibility for different sizes of companies and different industries, together with the most advanced algorithms ever developed for value creation, give you the keys and confidence for better work.

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