For Business Advisors

Find out how The Value Opportunity Profile can help you run better engagements & generate more income.

Accounting Firm Advisors

Accounting Firms

The VOP doesn’t replace your service - assurance, valuation, advisory, transition. It makes your process more dynamic. 

  • Provide more knowledge of your client’s business compared to standard audit processes.
  • Identify risks in the qualitative factors that drive financial results.
  • Position the auditor in a business development role for other advisory services.
  • Add substance and credibility to valuation fieldwork in determining company-specific risk.
  • Provide an added value component to the valuation report in the Roadmap to Maximizing Business Value.
  • Maximize your client’s transaction-readiness by identifying potential due diligence issues and recommending improvements.
  • Position client for long-term sustainable growth and maximum value.
Exit Planning Advisor Course

Exit Planning

The VOP helps exit planners develop processes to ensure their client's businesses are properly prepared for an exit at the highest potential value.

Elevate your practice by deepening client relationships. Integrating the VOP® into the exit planning process can generate significant new revenue streams.

The VOP® is a comprehensive sell side due diligence platform.  The principles of identifying and mitigating risk to increase enterprise value have been adopted by the Exit Planning Institute’s CEPA program.

M&A Advisor Training Session

M&A Advisors

Value Growth has become a major initiative to improve success in the M&A community. The VOP principles have been adopted by hundreds of advisors that complete the Merger & Acquisition Advisors' CM&AA certification course.

Standardize and scale your process to help more companies become market ready. The VOP helps you build a pipeline of successful transactions.

Studies indicate that approximately 40% of middle market companies that are actually taken to market fail to transact. We bridge this gap by laying out the roadmap to a best-in-class company.

Wealth Management Firm Advisor

Wealth Management

Stand out from the crowd. Provide a better service to business owners by advising on their most critical asset.

The VOP gives you the tools and knowledge to understand the complete picture of a business in a few days. Helping you become the owner's most trusted advisor.

Create new revenue streams by going beyond stocks and bonds. Business owners need an advisor that can help grow their largest asset.

Valuation Firm Advisors

Valuation Firms

The VOP® adds substance and credibility to valuation fieldwork in determining company-specific-risk (CSR). It dynamically links “CSR” assessment to the income approach, providing “what if” capability in the Roadmap to Maximizing Business Value®.

The VOP® transitions valuation from being purely retrospective and compliance focused to becoming prospective and strategic focused, generating significant new advisory opportunities through value added engagements, helping the client build quantifiable future value.

Private Equity Advisors

Private Equity

The VOP helps you scale your analysis process.

Quickly diagnose a company's pain points and quantify the strategic initiatives you plan to take. The Roadmap to Maximizing Business Value® helps you prioritize critical actions.

Build more valuable companies while preparing them for transition.

Turnaround Consultant

Turnaround Consultants

The Value Opportunity Profile® provides a standardized and scalable means of using your turnaround talents to help even healthy companies improve their operations and mitigate the business risks that could cause them to become distressed.

In effect, the VOP® dramatically expands the target client base that can benefit from your expertise to include virtually any middle market company, rather than only distressed companies. Additionally, non-distressed companies present a greater long term opportunity for you to build new revenue streams because they have greater ability to invest in maximizing their growth potential and overall value. The VOP® is your platform for developing this new market focus.

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