Helping Clients Navigate through Business Downturns

1:00 - Overview

5 Steps for Survival and Regrowth

  1. Situational Assessment (Triage)
  2. Stabilize Cash Flow (Stop the bleeding)
  3. Analyze all Business Segments
  4. Refocus on Core Competency
  5. Development New Strategic Plan for Growth

2:52 - Situational Assessment

  • Review current and recent financials, cash flow, projections
  • Create/Maintain a rolling 13-week cashflow forecast
  • Interview management to get a full perspective on the state of business
  • Identify and understand major compliance issues

6:10 - Turnaround case example

9:05 - Stabilize Cash Flow

  • Eliminate discretionary Expenditures
  • Monetize idle and excess assets
  • Delay defer payments where possible
  • Manage customer contracts
  • Manage supply chain
  • Initial rationalization of employees (do not implement yet)

16:00 - Poll Question

16:50 - Analyze all business Segments

  • Where does the company make and lose money?
  • Include Customers, Product Lines, Facilities, Regions
  • Utilize cash flow break-even analysis
  • Only include incremental / variable costs
  • Categorize fixed costs into discreet pools
  • Consider pricing specials if available capacity
  • Consider collaborations with supply chain

18:50 - Customer pricing  example

25:00 - Refocus on Core Competency

  • Carefully assess and establish actual core competency
  • Draft a plan to shrink the rest of the business
  • Execute the plans carefully, swiftly and diligently

25:35 - Core Competency case example

31:40 - Develop New Strategic Plan for Growth

  • VMOSTA Framework
  • Build for the expected future, not today
  • Reconstitute all functions based on needs of new plan
  • Determine cash flow and any capital needs
  • Recapitalize, if necessary
  • Engage the A-team to execute

36:25 - Poll Question

37:38 - 10 Keys for Overall Success

46:40 - Questions and Answers

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