CVGA Testimonials

“I am honored to be qualified to use the CVGA designation. Most of all, I treasure the opportunity to continue to learn so much more from you and your team at Corporate Value Metrics about how to guide our clients through a process that will add exponential value to their businesses, and significantly improve the quality of their lives personally.

Again, my sincere congratulations on the excellent educational program that you have put together for advisors who truly want to make a marked difference in the quality, performance, and value of their businesses”.  Warland Griffith III, CFP, CVGA, CEPA, CBEC, President & COO of Strategic Value Advisors, Inc.


“I am most proud of the CVGA. Of all my training and credentials it will have the most significant impact on the lives of the business owners whom I have the great fortune to serve.“,  Bryan Smyth, CVGA, CFE, CExP, ProExits, LLC, San Diego, CA