VOP Practitioner Testimonials

What VOP Practitioners Are Saying About  The Value Opportunity Profile®

 Bob Jensen, Partner & Duane M. Tyler, PartnerMcGladrey, LLP – McGladrey Center for Business Transition (Now RSM)

“The McGladrey Center for Business Transition uses the VOP® as a platform to diagnose the readiness of a company to consider major transitional alternatives.  The VOP® platform helps ownership, and its management, consider how the intrinsic value of the company can be improved by identifying both risks and opportunities, and suggest a definitive improvement implementation plan in the form of a Roadmap.  What is also very important about the VOP® platform, it weighs heavily on both financial and non-financial management elements.  It’s a platform with good balance”. 

CEO Profiles, August 5, 2015, Dan Brooks (“DB”), CEO, The Rainmaker Companies

DB: “That’s an oversimplification but I think the CPA who will prosper in the future is someone who thinks strategically. The thriving CPA or firm will be the one that helps navigate around pot holes, icebergs and other literal and figurative hurdles.”
CEO Profiles: “Can you share an example of what you’re describing? What would this kind of CPA be doing to fight the threat of irrelevance?”
DB: “One great example is the use of a tool developed and delivered by Corporate Value Metrics. Their Value Opportunity Profile or VOP allows the astute accountant to visualize for the client business what the path to their targets in the years ahead needs to look like right down to the strategic implementations around the plan. By taking part in that discussion, the accountant becomes far more of an advisor to the client. They know they have an accounting firm and valued partner in lock step with their vision. The accountant then works their way up the value ladder and earns revenue for delivering tangible results that are reflected in the company’s success.”

Gary W. Ampulski, PhD, CM&AA, CEPA

Midwest Genesis
“Our firm has three practice areas: business value enhancement, transition planning/execution and due diligence support. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the value of our services. In a world where cloud based software is constantly offering users new and expanded capabilities, customer service is absolutely essential to being responsive to all of our clients’ needs. Not only is the VOP a good tool but the support provided by Corporate Value Metrics has helped us generate great interest from our clients and grow our business. We have successfully used the VOP in all three practice areas and give it and Corporate Value Metrics a ‘highly satisfied’ rating”.

Sean P. Hutchinson

Chief Executive Officer – Strategic Value Advisors, Inc.
“Our company’s Extreme Value Creation (XVC™) program depends on a highly-structured, empirical approach. The Value Opportunity Profile® is a fundamental part of our process and creates an infrastructure for the principles that underpin the XVC™ program. I’ve worked with hundreds of high-growth and distressed businesses in my career and have always wanted a platform that combines quantitative and qualitative methods so my clients can better understand the possible impact of their decisions on value. The VOP® is the only tool I’ve used that helps us convert complex business issues into an understandable, actionable, effective and high-velocity value creation plan.”

Warland Griffith III, CFP®, CEPA, CBEC

Managing Director, USA S.E. Region and Puerto Rico – Strategic Value Advisors
Chief Executive Officer – Wealth Management Advisors, Inc.

“The Value Opportunity Profile is an excellent tool that has empowered us to quickly assess the risks that are driving down the value and performance of our clients’ companies and develop an action plan to dramatically increase value and position themselves for strategic growth in a relatively short period of time. It also has opened up new opportunities for us to play a key role in guiding that process, as well as to provide additional services to support the strategic and tactical initiatives that follow the completion of the VOP assessment and reports. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with Corporate Value Metrics, and very much appreciate the value you bring to our capabilities to serve our clients with distinction.

Peter Christman, Author of “The $10 Trillion Opportunity”

CEPA & CEO of The Christman Group
“I have seen many different assessment tools over the years, and have to say that the VOP® is one of the most robust and comprehensive toolsets I’ve seen. The VOP® corresponds beautifully with our exit planning model focusing on value growth. I want to congratulate you on bringing to market such an effective tool for maximizing the value of our clients.”

Chris Mellen, ASA, MCBA, CVA, CM&AA

President, Delphi Valuation Advisors, Inc.
“When business owners hire appraisers, their objective is typically to answer the question ‘what?’ – ‘What is the value of my company?’ However, the business appraiser’s job is really to be able to effectively answer the question ‘why?’ – ‘Why is the value of my company what you say it is?’ In focusing on company-specific risk, with over 400 questions for business owners and their advisors to consider, the VOP® software is an effective tool to help answer the question ‘why?’ and help provide direction in maximizing value.”

Scott A. Yoder, Partner, CEPA, CM&AA, CPA (inactive)

Strategic Equity Advisors, LLP
“In my 22+ year career as a CFO and Advisor, I have not found any tool that comes close to the VOP® in helping ownership and management fully assess an enterprise and, more importantly, prioritize the value enhancement opportunities based on relevance and value impact.”

Joan Ridley, CFP, CEPA, CBI

Business Wealth Solutions, LLC
“Corporate Value Metrics provides an organized and credible method for professional advisors to estimate the value of the business and to assess the current performance of 47 value drivers. The VOP® software provides attractive graphics showing the client and the advisor the impact that improvement of the various value drivers will have on the value of the business. The client can easily see the value proposition that you bring to the table. Considering the quality of the analysis, easy-to-understand colorful reports, and a realistic pricing model, Corporate Value Metrics delivers real value to the advisors and his client.”

Jane Johnson, CPA, CMA, CM&AA, CBEC, Principal

Richardson, Mauro & Johnson
“The VOP® is an easy to use tool to conduct comprehensive review and significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of these engagements. Removing subjectivity, the VOP® permits advisors to spend less time doing analysis and more time working with their clients to improve the business and the clients can actually see the increase in value! “

Greg King, Innovation Program Manager

Mass MEP
“The Value Opportunity Profile® provides our clients with a powerful framework for future strategic and operational decision making and enables every informed decision with regard to increasing the value of the enterprise.”

Mary Adams, Author

Intangible Capital
“On average, 80% of corporate value today is intangible. So it’s absolutely critical to make the intangible drivers of value visible and measurable. The VOP® not only makes intangibles visible, it provides actionable information to drive future changes.”